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Dream: Becoming Barefoot

I had this dream last night and thought I’d share it with all of you for your responses to it. Have you ever had a dream that was so real you thought you were awake? And, so full of information you were sure it was important?
Dream: Becoming Barefoot
“What sets your dreams apart from your life will set your life on the right path.”~ Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos
I am traveling around Europe with my husband’s family for a relaxing family vacation. I am in a church where I am to meet the rest of the family to go to the next place. I throw down my clothes on a pew and shout, “That’s it! I’m done with this. It’s too hard.”

A voice says, “Go in through the back.”

butterfly dreams Suddenly, I see Paul, my brother-in-law dressed in a trench coat and carrying a brief case, walk behind the alter and enter a hidden door in the paneling. I follow into a dark narrow corridor that is a dead end except a door on the left with a sign on the wall that reads MEN, like a men’s bathroom. “Aqua” is whispered and the door opens. Rather than leading into a room, it leads outside where a group of women wearing hippy-style clothing are chatting.

“What is this called?” I ask.

“Becoming Barefoot.”

One of the women, who I recognize says, “Hey, Kat , wanna’ see Linda’s cats?” I tell her sure and follow them to a house with a room full of cats lounging on a bed, which I pick up and hug. “Want to go with us to Tibet with us?” She asks.


I follow them to an old open bed truck and climb into the back with everyone else. The truck drives a ways down a road then stops. “We have to go on by foot from here,” someone says.

As we walk down the path it rises into a wall of narrow wooden steps five inches wide by an inch deep.
“You have to take off your shoes and hold on by your toes and finger tips,” one of the women says. I kick off my heels and climb effortlessly through a trapdoor. The surrounding area is pitch-black except for the night sky filled with star constellations. “What is this?” I ask.

“Becoming Barefoot.”

I take out my cell phone to call my family and let them know I will be late but all I see are the same star constellations on the dark face of my phone. “There is no service here,” someone says.

We all sit in a circle in a covered bus stop and someone rolls a huge joint. As they light it the joint blazes then starts to fall apart because it is so loose, but they start smoking it anyway and pass it to me. “Are you okay, Kat?” one of the girls named Sue asks.

“Yeah.” I take the joint and although I used to pass on it since it always made me so sick to my stomach, this time I take a deep breath, close my eyes and hold it as long as I can before blowing it out. As I exhale I open my eyes and the sun is out. There is snow all over the ground and we are in a neighborhood, but my feet are not cold.“When did it become day?” I thought. “What if they worry about where I am and can’t get in touch with me?”

“It won’t matter, you’ll work it out, rent a car and catch up to them, use a GPS to find them. Don’t worry about it,” a voice says.

We begin our descent back down the narrow stairs and when I reach the bottom I call on my cell and leave Norma the message that I will be late.

“We’ll wait,” she says.

The dream ends.

Cancerland poster.
Interpretation: When life becomes stressful with is rules and regulations the successful people use a different approach, the back or a different door. In order to reach the heavens we must kick off our earthly shoes, connect with the ground, our Inner selves and have a little “party time with them” to reconnect with what is important in life. Time can be a burden. We all need to become barefoot and worry free.

Ask and you will receive is more than words. It is a request heard by the Universe and answered by our Spirit guides. We are made up of more than id, ego and super ego. Sometimes it is not until we are falling apart that our inner selves pop to the surface to hold us together.

Becoming barefoot is a big step to connecting with higher self.

InternationalKathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos believes dreams diagnose your life. Did you have a déjà-vu or dream come true? Kat survived three cancers diagnosed by dreams. International Bestselling Author,  Dream Expert, Keynote Speaker, TV/Radio Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod, Columnist; she’s featured in magazines & newspapers, on NBC News.  Kat taught Special Education & Psychology at (USF).

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The International Conference of Creative Thinking: Your Child & YOU!

It’s 10:00 am. Do you know what your child is learning? 

Patricia Rose Upczak, owner (19+ years) of Synchronicity Publishing LLC, and producer of The International Conference of Creative Thinking and Education is guest on The Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show, aired LIVE Wednesdays 6:00-6:30 pm PT. 

 Patricia Rose’s small publishing company is dedicated to creating materials that enhance people’s lives of all ages, but especially children ages nine through eleven.  The main subjects her books cover are reiki, synchronicity coincidences, symbology, and metaphysical mysteries for children. Synchronicity Publishing is now working on books that enhance education in a more positive and significant way.

Patricia Rose Upczak also is the brains behind The International Conference of Creative Thinking.

About this awesome conference…. The International Conference of Creativity, Thinking & Education is filled with groundbreaking educators, thinkers and creatives. The goal of the conference is to have attendees expand their professional and personal horizons. The forum will be conducive to allowing all of us to explore the leading edge of creativity, brain-based education and techniques to relieve stress in our daily lives.

Q.)   Patricia Rose, why do you call the presenters at this conference groundbreaking?
          A.) Patricia Rose:  All of our presenters this year are knowledgeable, powerful and unique in many areas.

Q.)  Can you give us some examples?

           A.)  Yes. Sharon Promislow, the author of Making The Brain Body Connection gives transformative, interactive workshops. We are very lucky to have her on both days of the conference.  Tim Gangwer is a pioneer in the field of visual literacy, and is a multi-award songwriter. He will also be presenting on both days. Our panel is absolutely amazing and the title will give you an idea of how creative our panelists are. It is called "Orbiting the Giant Hairball in Education."  Over the years I have seen NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming Technique) do amazing things both professionally and personally for so many people.It is a powerful technique. We are very lucky to have Executive NLP Coach and Master Trainer, Bill Thomason giving an interactive workshop for all of us.  We also have re-known photographer John Schaefer doing his workshop on Mapptivities where he will be doing trainings and giving away software to all the attendee. He is the founder of the Children's Media Workshop. His work is in the Library of Congress Master Photographers Collection. He was the original Sundance documentary artist and is still connected to Sundance. And there are many more equally talented presenters throughout the weekend.

Q. What do you hope the attendees get out of this conference?

       A.)  I hope everyone who attends comes away feeling more empowered. I hope they are guided to develop some of the techniques they are shown for themselves. I hope they find ways to relieve the daily stress in their lives and realize that we live in a multifaceted world full of different perspectives and ways to develop our own happiness. I believe that teachers especially are so important for not only our children, but for our future world. We all have to learn how to nurture ourselves, and each other in healthy ways.

Q.) Last but not least what are the details of the International Conference of Creativity, Thinking & Education if people want more information?

         A.) The conference takes place at the University of St. Thomas in the Schulze Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN on April 18th and 19th, 2015. For more information on all of our presenters, and how to register go to

The International Conference of Creativity, Thinking & Education Keynote speakers and some presenters will be interviewed on The Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show each Wednesday from 6:00-6:30 pm EST until the start of the conference. The date of their interview is below.

·         Terry Heick- (Panelist-"Orbiting the Giant Hairball in Education.") Wed March 18th
·         Tim Gangwer-Keynote-Visual Literacy & the Sound Track of Our Lives) Wed April 1st
·         Sharon Promislow- (Keynote- Making the Brain/Body Connection to Enhance Learning & Creativity: Part I) Wed April 8

Patricia Rose Upczak will be a presenter at The International Conference of Creativity, Thinking & Education, Sunday April 19th 3:30-4:45 on Where Are You & Where Do You Want to Be?

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos will be a presenter at The International Conference of Creativity, Thinking & Education, Sunday April 19th from 1:00-3:15pm on The Dream Theatre of Life: Who are the Actors in Your Life?

Patricia Rose was a teacher at the Boulder Valley School district in Colorado for 24+ years from September 1975 to 2000. She also designed and ran a new program for learning disabled adolescents in a large high school in Boulder, Colorado.

“I loved my job, the school and the people I interacted with on a daily basis. Much of what I learned in those years is the basis of my new book coming out in 2011 Happy Teachers Happy Students – The Power of Intention.”

Here are 3 questions you should be asking about your child’s teachers about their education.

1.       Are they teaching students to develop lifelong skills that will help them be healthy, happy, productive adults?
2.       Are they teaching children how to use their remarkable brains that research now shows are capable of much more than anyone in education imagined?
3.       Are they teaching students how learning and education can be filled with wonder, curiosity and joy?
Now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Patricia Rose Upczak:  

CLICK THE AUDIO LINK BELOW (or copy and paste into your browser) : 
Hear more

Read more:

  By Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos, TV Producer/Host and Author/Lecturer of the International bestselling book, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes dreams, patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth and relationships.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tips On How to Survive When Bad Things Happen to Good People-Like You

Click Audio Link Below to Listen: 

“Being at odds with your-selves is self-defeating. United you stand. Divided you fall.”
~Kathleen O-Keefe-Kanavos-author

Affirmation ~ The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful.

Sometimes you don’t know what you are made of until you start to fall apart and your best parts pop out and hold you together. You are made up of so much more than id, ego and super ego. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. That’s life. But, you don’t have to be a victim of circumstances. In fact, listening to our inner-guidance can save you from being a victim at all.

I embarked on a similar journey to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when I fell down the rabbit hole of Cancerland. As a child I had been encouraged to suppress my intuitive gifts of hearing voices, playing with imaginary friends and drawing auras. It was not acceptable in my school or church. So, I locked my intuitions away in the depths of my mind. But, when my life was threatened by misdiagnosis and Hospital Policy my guides blew off the doors of their cell and flew to my rescue. Rather than being a victim of circumstances, I self-advocated and became an active participant in my race for life.

   My guides lead me through my tunnel of crisis and out the other side.

Illness is the vehicle that drives my bigger story of survival against all odds while locked in a relationship triangle between my husband and crisis. What is driving you? Who will be the victor?

 Embracing intuition built a bridge that remained under constant construction and stretched between conventional and metaphysical healing. It became my bridge-to-everywhere which manifested exits and new entrances on the road to a complete healing of mind body and spirit.

Cancerland is an intellectual, emotional, and intuitive amusement park where every ride, game, and attraction demonstrates a different aspect of humanity’s complexities and individualism during the process of healing. The same hold true for any Crisisland where you must seek multiple explanations of the way things are in the physical, spiritual, psychic, and dream world of health and emotional trauma.
                Crisis is humbling and comes in many forms. It can be:

•             a life threatening illness,
•             a lifestyle change,
•             divorce
•             death
•             financial downturns
•             or all of the above.

Crisis is guaranteed to knock you down with its series of catastrophes that begin with discovery, often with no end in sight. Your Intuition can play an important part in survival and is defined as instinctively knowing without conscious reasoning.

Three things I seek to present by writing this multi-media blog is:
1.       An alternative to ignoring your intuition in favor of science
2.       Or ignoring science in favor of intuition. 
3.       Why limit yourself with one when you can use both to your advantage?

Don’t be a victim of circumstances.

The best way to survive any crisis is to mix intuitive and scientific information and then cross-check them against each other for answers which are indisputably correct. Listen, then verify. Believe but validate. By respecting both modalities, you double your chances of finding correct answers to complicated issues.

It is time to stop ignoring yourself and discover your voice. 

Every challenge you overcame creates a new part of your inner voice/personality. In order to effectively battle crisis, you must get in touch with your inner selves and work together toward the goal of survival by using everything available to you. By searching within yourself through dreams, meditation, or prayer, you will find your own set of answers to any challenge.

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos- TV & Radio Host, International Bestselling Author SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing (Cypress House) appeared on NBC News. Kat survived 3 breast cancers diagnosed by dreams missed by doctors & believes dreams can diagnose your life. Did you have a déjà vu or a dream come true? She’s one of the busiest speakers/authors in the industry,  the “go-to authority” on Survivor-to-Thriver in Health, Wealth & Relationships, Keynote speaker, Wicked Housewives ON Cape Cod TV Producer/Host, Cape Women Online Magazine, Wellness Women 40 and Beyond, and Women’s Voices Magazine columnist, American Express Open Forum contributor, (IASD) International Association for the Study of Dreams Speaker/Presenter,& R.A.Bloch Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor & Gilda’s Club Mentor; Kat is featured on radio, in magazines &  newspapers, , Every Way Woman TV, & the Waking Universe TV documentary, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing is her first of three books on waking up to dreams that diagnose life.  Learn more @ Represented by Publicist Paul Krupin, 707-964-9520   

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5 Steps to Becoming Successful at Making a Change

 “Asking is a powerful gift you can give yourself and others.” 
~Kim Fuller, Life Coach.

            Have you ever wondered what would cause someone to become a Life Coach? And what exactly does it mean to be one?
We’ve all heard of football or basketball coaches, but a Life Coach? That sounds like a serious calling.  Accountability is important to success and Kim Fuller, Life Coach and CEO, Fuller Life Concepts, talks about the responsibilities she fulfills and shares her 5 Steps  to become successful at obtaining your goals and making the changes you need to live a Fuller Life.  

On my weekly radio show, The Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show –Your G-Spot:  Guidance, which airs LIVE on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm PT (6:00pm EST), I asked Kim Fuller how, why and when she became a Life Coach and how she continued to live life to its fullest after the untimely death of her beloved husband. She shared her personal and professional growth of being a solo mom, widow, and entrepreneur, and the life lessons she received along her journey to a Fuller woman.
Here are some of Kim Fuller’s incredible responses. The rest of her conversation can be heard by clicking the Radio show Link below.

            Kim Fuller: “I am a life coach and marriage and family therapist.  I started in non-profit mental health working with severely emotionally disturbed children and their families.  Mostly mothers brought in their children and I realized the mothers were not receiving the additional support for their personal lives.  I became a mother and had my own struggles with balancing life, after the death of my husband.  I officially started my business after his death and went through the ups and downs of being a solo mom and entrepreneur.  I decided to devote my coaching practice to helping Moms and Entrepreneurs, like me, reach their goals to experience business and personal life goals.

 Kathleen:  “What makes FLC (Fuller Life Concepts) so special to people seeking guidance or change? ”

Kim Fuller: “Fuller Life Concepts, Inc has a step by step Fuller Lifestyle system all clients go through.  This system is designed to bring awareness to the connection between what you think and feel and how to stay accountable to your goals.”

Kathleen: “As a coach, what do you think is a client’s biggest struggle?”

Kim: “I mirror my clients.  My biggest struggle is the same as theirs. It’s finding a livable balance between being Independent and asking for help.  Realizing that being Independent and self-sufficient is an important skill, but also being able to ask for help and accept it when it is offered is also important.  Finding that balance and realizing that asking is not admitting that you can’t, nor is it a reflection on your abilities or self-worth.

Kathleen- “Why do you think we feel the need to do it all? Especially women? “
Kim: “We get pressure from our families, religion, media, that we are expected to do it all.  We accept that pressure as fact.  We continue to move and try to do it all until we fall apart.  We now live in a time when we work full time and still tackle home life and taking care of others full time.  We try to live up to what is expected.  We want to feel competent and accomplished.  But at what cost?  I want to help my clients to not experience so much overwhelm.  I help them see how asking and accepting is a beautiful experience.  I had to learn the hard way after the death of my husband while my daughter was 10 months old.  I tried to do it all and failed.  As part of being an author in the #1 Amazon best seller: Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 essential secrets for Mompreneurs, I share my journey of learning to be Dependent and that it’s not a bad word.”

Kathleen – “I love that name.  Mompreneurs!” 

Here are Kim’s 5 Life Coaching steps to help you move through the change process and learn to stay accountable to your goals in both individual and group formats. Especially if you are a Mommy Diva on the Move.

 Step 1. Need for Me- self exploration. Find your passion, take care of your own needs, visions and desires. 

Step 2.  Be able to express yourself openly.  Become comfortable with identifying your feelings, inner thoughts and inner messages. We all have feelings and sometimes we keep them locked up inside.

Step 3 Feelings are energy.  Imagine you are a balloon. You can only take in so much air before you burst.  Find a place to put your feelings so you don’t keep them inside, which can lead to stress, headaches, and disease.

Step 4 Create quality connections and find the support you deserve. 

Step 5 Find balance through fun and relaxation.

            “If you are someone ready for change, take the first step with self-exploration and determine,” Kim says.  “We all have good intentions and start off the year with big goals – the gyms are filled with people who want to make life change.  But, we don’t have magic wands that will magically make things happen.  Kind of like when my mother buys a new vacuum she says it doesn’t work – that’s because the sales man didn’t come with the machine and it doesn’t work by itself.  If you are ready to commit yourself to your goals, I am willing to help and support. I’ll be your cheerleader and encourager, but you have to do the work.”
Kathleen- “This radio show is turned into a blog on my blog site, so if one of the readers or listeners of the show needs help with change, how can they contact you or listen to your radio show?”
Kim- “I can be contacted through my website or by phone 323 336-2294 I am in California Pacific time zone. My radio show is Change is Personal and airs on the Amazing Women of Power Radio network   Change is Personal airs at 9:30am PST on Mondays. I have guests who share their change process of going from tragedy to triumph and the steps they took to get there.” 


BIO: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos- believes dreams can diagnose your life. Did you have a déjà vu or did your dream come true?  International Best-selling author of Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing, TV & Radio Host of Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod, three time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed cancer the medical community missed,  & one of the busiest speakers in the industry, the “go-to authority” on Survivor- to-Thriver in Health, Wealth, Relationships and Love by connecting with Your Inner Guidance.  Kat presents at the International Associations, Expos, Radio Shows, Health Events, is a columnist for Magazines, R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor, Gilda’s Clubs, blogs @ Patheos,  Om Times, & Breast Cancer Yoga. Kat was born to a military family, raised in Europe, taught Special Education & Psychology at University of South Florida.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Astrology Predictions for 2015: Counting Green Sheep in Your Dreams of Love

Quote: “In order to effectively battle crisis, you must get in touch with your inner-selves and work together toward the goal of survival.” ~Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos/author

By Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos, TV Producer/Host and Author/Lecturer of the International bestselling book, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes patient advocacy and connecting with Inner-guidance for success in health, wealth and relationships.

click link to watch video
30 sec award winning Access Your Inner Guide Video for Health in 2015

Have you hear the saying, "Out of chaos comes order?" The year 2015 is going to be the year of endless possibilities, in numerology, Western Astrology, Chinese Birth Charts and Feng Shui. Out of the chaos of 2014's Wooden Horse we see the new beginning shift into order. With the knowledge contained  in this blog you can arm yourself with the necessary information to make great choices in health, wealth and love in the up coming new year. Your dreams may be more important for guidance  than ever before. 

Do you ever pray for help?  The answers may come in your dreams. Those dreams can be daydreams; moments when your mind wanders to a beach beyond time and space and wades in the waters of Universal Wisdom from the Ocean of Gnosis, the esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth. There, we receive answers from our Higher Power.

As a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed illness missed by the medical community and the tests on which they relied, I understand the importance of dreams, female intuition and Inner-guidance, which diagnosed my stage-four breast cancer recurrence. That is as lucky as winning the lottery three times in a row. Luck had little to do with it. Divine intervention did. I learned that the power of science goes so far, and then comes our Higher Power. 

 We were all born with Guardian-angels and Spirit-guides. We are their job and they take that job seriously.  Dreams are doorways to Inner-guidance where your ET (Eternal Teacher) phones home for help during difficult times. Miraculously, someone always answers the call. How will the astrological and numerical changes in 2015 effect your dreams for Inner-guidance?

 A New Year resolution usually involves giving up something to improve your life. For 2015 choose to be different and add Inner-guidance. Start with a dream journal or recording device beside your bed. Then begin a dialogue with your inner self as you learn your dream language. 

 Out with the old Chinese 2014 Horse and in with the new 2015 symbol; Green Wooden Sheep. The first day of Green Wooden Sheep is February 4, 2015. Chinese New Year Day is on February 19, China Standard Time. The Year 2015 is the 4712th Chinese Year.

Are you a Rat, Pig or Cow? Do you know your Chinese Zodiac Sign? Your birthrate is below it.

              Chinese Astrology uses one's birthday and birth time to predict their fortune. 

             The astrological birth chart is built by the Chinese Astrology Calendar, which is a 

combination counting system of Yin-Yang Five Elements and 12 animals. The Five Elements are 

Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The twelve animal are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Horse, 

Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig.

            The 2015 Feng Shui yearly predictions for the sheep foretell that this is your year.

 So make the most of it. Do not let your stupid actions or ego come in the way of success. The sheep

 can be timid, as the name implies, but rest assured, anything you get involved in, you are passionate

 about. The year 2015 opens new, creative avenues for you. Your career takes an unexpected but 

welcomed turn. Be thrifty, as your bank account will see highs and lows in the coming year.

2015 will be an Inner-guidance turning point for many people, especially those born in the sheep year of 8.  If you were lucky in the past two years, then you will maintain your achievements. If you were unlucky the last two years, 2015 brings the opportunity to create your future. This is because Sheep contains the Female Earth, which grows plants, and helps to create something from nothing.  2015 is all about teamwork. Sheep were born 1931-02-17—1932-02-05.(see chart above)

Numerology:  2015 is an 8-Year. 8 will manifest the physical world. 8 is the infinity sign standing at attention, which makes for limitless possibilities concerning answers to dreams, prayers and meditations. The number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation, and man's true 'born again' event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life. 2015 will be a year of new beginnings with order replacing chaos. Out of the chaos of 2014 comes order. 

In the Chinese culture the lucky number 8 has strong intuition and insight, so 2015 will have the potential to explore things undiscovered. Because Eight has the similar pronunciation with wealth or fortune, 8 is very welcome among Chinese people. The popularity of 8 was observed in relation to the Beijing Olympic Games which began exactly at eight o’clock, eight minutes on the eighth day of the eighth month in 2008. When people in China choose telephone numbers, mobile numbers, house numbers, car identification numbers and important dates, 8 is usually the first choice.

 8's in love! What kind of a love-life pattern will an 8 year possess and how may it affect us? An 8 year sees far more life-long love pledges. Lovers are very considerate and enthusiastic. They are even willing to sacrifice their own interests to keep the relationship everlasting. Generally speaking, the love they are seeking for is the combination of friendship, business partnership and also lifelong romance. 

            What does the 2015 Inner Guidance Horoscope hold for you and your loved ones?
During challenging times that may question your resolve, your Power Word may hold the key to answers. Stand in your power in 2015.

              What dreams of health, wealth and love do you share? Are you madly in love with someone or is there someone you can't stand, but don't know why? Were you sexually attracted to someone only to find that the sparks didn't fly in the bedroom? Their Astrological signs may hold the answer. These astrological predictions for 2015 include sexual signs. The first combination is "Hot" and the second "Not" and why. 

Aries- (3/21-4/19) Your Power Word: Creativity
Negative: Health; Positive: Destiny
Beware: Negativity
Lucky Numbers: 5; Season: Spring; Element: Fire;
Embrace: Color: Blue; Foods: Cauliflower; Direction: South
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Clubs; Tarot Card: Wands
Changes are in store for Aries. Everything is going as planned, but others may interfere. Sunny days are ahead for your finances. Your career takes a downward turn but diligence saves it. Your love life gets better than you ever imagined.
Sexual Signs: HOT-Aries and Cancer make fireworks. A powerful attraction and good match. 
NOT-Aries and Virgo sexual personalities are so dissimilar that a good deal of tolerance is required on both sides but the lust seldom lasts.

Taurus- (4/20-5/20) Your Power Word: Wealth
 Negative:  Expenses
Positive: Family
Lucky Numbers: 6; Season: Fall; Element; Earth
Beware: Workers
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food: Rice
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card; Pentacles:
Taurus finds a friend in technology. Maintain stability with family. Allow solitude in your life.  Time alone helps you recharge. 2015 looks stable in wealth. Love interests flourish.
Sexual Signs: HOT-Taurus and Scorpio have an intense sexual appetite in common so neither feels the need for outside affairs. NOT-Taurus and Sagittarius won't work because Taurus will try to tie a string to the independent Sag.    

Gemini- (5/21-6/20) Your Power Word: Challenge
Negative: Over excitement; Positive:  Decisions
Lucky Numbers: 11; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: tricksters
Embrace: Color: Yellow; Direction: East; Food: Sour
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Gemini, your finances improve. Opportunity falls into your lap. Stay focused. Do not let others distract you from new ventures. Your love life presents challenges concerning an established friendship. Let go of grudges.
Sexual Signs:HOT- Gemini and Leo are an ideal match. Big-hearted and generous to a fault Leo is putty in the hands of sexually clever Gemini--and loves it.  NOT-Gemini with Scorpio is a match made in Hell. Scorpio is jealous and likes to sting. Gemini is fickle and will become hostile and pout. 

Cancer- (6/21-7/22)  Your Power Word: Love
Positive: Think; Negative: excitement
Lucky Numbers: 12; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: business
Embrace: Color: Blue; Direction: West; Food: Cold products
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Harts; Tarot Card: Cups
Cancer, confidence strengthens as you tackle issues and attract a new love interest. Stop taking life so seriously, your health for granted and rediscover dreams. You are capable of more than you know. 
Sexual Signs: HOT- Cancer with Scorpio is a match made in Heaven. Cancer is an emotionally needy love sign and Scorpio needs to dominate. Amen. They are 50 shades of astrology. NOT-Cancer and Sagittarius are opposite signs with opposite goals and totally different desires. Sag will feel smothered and bored and Cancer will become hurt and clingy. 

Leo- (7/23/8/22) Your Power Word: Action
Positive: Logic; Negative: Arrogance
Lucky Numbers: 9; Season: Spring; Element: Fire
Beware:  Older man
Embrace: Color: Green; Direction: South; Food: Bitter
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Clubs; Tarot Card: Wands
Leo, your hard work pays off.  Finances and health improves when your career gets a boost. Your fire element makes you passionate about projects.  Beware of those who take advantage of your kindness.  Your Inner-guidance helps a family member in crisis.
Sexual Signs: HOT- Leo and Sagittarius soon become Mr. and Mrs. Happily-Ever-After because both signs have a keen sense of adventure, independence, and a sexual appetite fit for the King-of-the-Beasts and the Huntress. NOT-Leo with Capricorn is throwing water on fire. There are fundamental sexual differences between them. Capricorn's practical approach to sex puts a halter on the Beast.    

Virgo-(8/23-9/22)  Your Power Word: Health
Negative: Hesitation; Positive: Confidence
Lucky Number: 10; Season: Fall; Element: Earth
Beware: Over excited
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: East; Food: Green
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card: Pentacles
Virgo, your calm demeanor will be tested in 2015. You possess the innate ability to collect facts using Inner-guidance.  Brush up on your anger management skills because you’ll need them.  As finances improve Cupid favors you.
Sexual Signs: HOT-Virgo and Virgo can work if boredom does not set in. They both share the same puritanical sexual reserve that prefers love and marriage over sex and passion. NOT-Virgo and Sagittarius  may make "IT" for the weekend together, but not for life. Sag's happy-go-lucky approach to sex and love can drive insecure prudish Virgo crazy.  

Libra- (9/23-10/22) Your Power Word: Thought
Positive: Health; Negative: Decisions
Lucky Numbers: 3; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: Close friend
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food: Bitter
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Libra, 2015 presents both reward and challenge due to your indecisive nature. Stand in your power and speak your truth. Relax concerning finances. Find your inner-artist and set yourself free. Your dislike of confrontation causes problems in love.
Sexual Signs: HOT-Libra and Aquarius get along famously.They enjoy socializing. A sexy affair often turns into a stimulating marriage. NOT-Libra with Pisces is a complicated combination. 
Pisces is not a dominant sexual sign and Libra is unwilling to supply the firm leadership required for fireworks in the bedroom. 

Scorpio- (10/23-11/21) Your Power Word: Emotion
Negative: Anger; Positive: Win
Lucky Numbers: 4; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: Driving
Embrace: Color: Blue; Direction: West; Food: spicy
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Scorpio, you gain respect when your Inner-guidance handles a life crisis with integrity. An opportunity you’ve been carefully planning will present itself in a way you never expected.  Be alert to love clues in dreams.
Sexual Signs: HOT-Scorpio and Scorpio are so hot together they could start a fire going while swimming underwater. The trick is to keep the fire from burning too hot or burning itself out. 
NOT-Scorpio abhors Aquarius's constant changing moods.  Let them remain friends and go their separate ways.

Sagittarius- (11/22-12/21)  Your Power Word: Passion
 Negative: Impatience; Positive: Sustainability
Lucky Numbers: 1; Season: Spring; Element: Fire
Beware: Family
Embrace: Color: White; Direction: South; Food: Green products
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Sagittarius, your enthusiasm is infectious. The last few years have tested you. You proved yourself during times that seemed unfair. Pluto, the planet of transformation, has been remodeling your life and guiding you. By summer finances improve, as do chances for love.
Sexual Signs: HOT- Sagittarius and Libra will survive short and long term. Libra's watchful tolerance is just what  devil-may-care Sag needs. Libra will bring out the best in Sag as a sexual partner. NOT-Sag and Virgo? B-O-R-I-N-G. Forget it! 

Capricorn- (12/22-1/19)  Your Power Word: Physical
Negative: Pride; Positive: Perseverance
Lucky Number: 6; Season: Fall; Element: Earth
Beware:  Addictions
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food; Leafy
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card: Pentacles
Capricorn, you will continue to amaze yourself and gain respect from colleagues. Your close relationship with family cause health issues from worry. In love, Inner-guidance urges you take chances. The outcome is a positive surprise.
Sexual Signs: HOT- Capricorn and Scorpio are quite sexually compatible. Scorpio is more imaginative and Capricorn more methodical but together they work like a well oiled machine in bed. NOT- Capricorn and Sagittarius- no way. Methodical  Capricorn likes to have sex in a comfortable safe place and Sag will "do-it"  on  golf course under the sprinklers. Not happening.    

Aquarius: (1/20-2/18)  Your Power Word: Observation
Negative: Pride; Positive: Perseverance
Lucky Number: 6; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware:  Love.
Embrace: Color: Yellow; Direction: East; Food: red items
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Aquarius, things will rarely be dull in 2015.  Manage life’s roller-coaster ride. Your soul needs to be fed, your body needs to relax and your mind needs to unwind. Seek Inner- guidance in dreams. Make emotional connections for love to survive.
Sexual Signs: HOT- Aquarius and Sagittarius are both unpredictable, lively, and active lovers which makes for fireworks in the bedroom. NOT-Aquarius and Capricorn would be undemonstrative lovers that would quickly wash out if they ever even got started. Someone has got to make the first move.  

Pisces- (2/19-3/20) Your Power Word: Empathy
Negative: Emotions; Positive: Confidence
Lucky Number: 4; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware:  contracts
Embrace: Color: Brown; Direction: South; Food: greens
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Pisces, 2015 will be about growth. Adaptation will be a running theme. Your instincts are highly developed so trust Inner-guidance. Change is in the air with respect to love and career. You’ve earned a long-awaited get-a-way. Enjoy it!
Sexual Signs: HOT-Pisces and Aries make sparks fly. Dynamic Aries unlocks Pisces full potential in the sexual arena. Aries dominates, but that is what Pisces loves. 50 Shades of Fish. NOT-Pisces and Gemini are too unstable signs that make a chaotic unpromising combination. They need stronger more dominant sexual partners

Now that you are aware of 2015’s endless possibilities, in numerology, Western Astrology and Sexual Signs, Chinese Birth Charts and Feng Shui  you are armed with the information necessary to make great choices in health, wealth and love in the year 2015. Please join me again for more information on how to Access your Inner–guides for a life filled with peace of mind. In future blogs discover your dream language, identify the seven types of dreams, and experience six ways to remember them. Find priceless pearls of wisdom in dreams created by the sands of time.  Perhaps those pearls are the answers to your prayers for 2015.