Friday, April 9, 2010


As a shared recipient of the FABULOUS SUGAR DALL BLOGGER AWARD I was required to share ten unusual things about myself and choose five other awardees. Those awardees must then share ten things about themselves and chose five more awardees.

I have made my decision concerning my choices for the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger awardees. Please forgive me. I tried but could not choose just five. I chose an even six—three Guys and three Dolls. &

Choosing was harder than I thought but for a very different reason than I had originally imagined— I had more than five awardees. Choices, choices! My fear had been that I would not know five people for this award. I’m pleased to say that I could have easily chosen ten or twenty. Networking on the Internet has made me rich in friendships. I thank the Universe for placing these wonderful people in my life and Lia Keys and Rachna Chhabria for creating and sharing this award. If Lia Keyes had not developed the award, she would have been first on my list. Here are my six choices:

Jackie Paulson a friend on C4Women (Connections for women.)

Genny Esterline one of my first friends on Connections for Women.

Richard D. Nielson a friend on Scribblerati who writes about life…just like me.

Jason McElholne- founder of Jason Network and a fantastic person who will go that extra mile for others.

Pamela Ferris-Olson- a great friend and writer who met me on FaceBook, took me under her wing and shared my message on her many sites.

Peter Canova- wonderful man who is deeply in touch with his “inner female” and author of the ground-breaking book POPE ANNALISA.