Saturday, June 15, 2013

Community: Your Random Acts of Kindness

My guest blogger today is Rosalyn Kahn. Her insight into the positive aspects of community and the Random Acts of Kindness they perform is astounding. Often, in our busy lives of full schedules we forget the importance of community. In her article Rosalyn reminds us.
 I recently made some  connections with  local public libraries as a venue to speak. In talking to a librarian in West Los Angeles she old me about a Senior who had gone to help a disabled boy. He had done everything on help this youngster to be successful in school, writing down his test and making sure he was treated fairly. This senior helped him from his youth and younger days all the way up to recently graduating from UCLA. She told me  he was  recently recognized receiving an honorary degree for all the work he had done on the behalf of the youngster.

Another member of  a Rotary Club in Woodland Hills shared this story. The Rotary organization's  original focused was to serve the needs of those with polio. Recently the disease has been nearly eradicated and not as much of a threat. Thus the organization has shifted its focus.
This group meets at a local dentist office where they discovered a senior who was paralyzed from the neck down. He has an extraordinary sister who has kept him in top shape all the way to his 90th year o life. He eats the right food, is in great health and has an incredible outlook on life.

In the early treatment of his disease he was kept in a grey metal suit that held his whole body together. He laid in bed and was surrounded by eight other people who suffered the same diagnosis. After his stay in the hospital, it was suggested that he be moved to an assisted living place. His family wold have nothing to do with it. They have kept him in his own home and he is doing quite well.

Recently, his dental needs were brought to the attention of the Rotary club. They are providing the badly needed dental needs for this gentleman. This story is a true blessing of the kind things that are going on in the world.

Northridge Kiwanis spent the day covering the valley with flags on behalf of Shephard of the Valleys plan to celebrate a tremendous 4th of July.  Several weeks ago they helped sponsor the Senior Dance and recognition affair. It was amazing to see how many vibrant seniors are doing their incredible acts of Random Kindness.  The following day there was an event sponsored by the Kiwanis where they were selling balloons to pop with prizes to help promote their causes.

 During my visit to the  Kiwanis in San Fernando I found that they had a a really unique program that provided shoes for those kids who otherwise would not have any shoes on their feet.  Sharing this story with the high school students in Echo park, they dreamed of a similar program being offered at their school.

It is great to recognize there are so many groups of people who are working on the better behalf of our world.