Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trend Setting with Google+Interviews—The New Shift in Internet Radio:— 5 Lessons and 2 Hints for Success

What do Google+, Spirit Guides & Dreams have in common? 

The answer is on my first interview on Google+ posted at the bottom of this article.  

 Doing a Google+ live show  was fun and insightful but required mastering a  new learning curve.  Learning this new technology is worth your time because it is the new path internet radio is taking. If you are promoting your area of expertise, you may be invited to do a Google+ radio show. Being prepared can help you be successful on many levels.

Host Chris One Feather lead me through the Sacred Dream Doors in my memory that I had no idea existed. He is a master interviewer and wonderful host.  And, his co-host Marcella  MacArthur  has the patience of a saint. She guided me step-by-step through the necessities for a successful Google+ Interview—a platform with which I was unfamiliar. 

Riding the new wave of  ever-changing  technology takes perseverance. 
Endeavour to Persevere.

 Here are 5 important lessons for a successful interview:

1                       1.) If things don’t go as planned the first time—try and try again. Don’t give up.

2              2.). Make connections. It is easier to learn a skill from people with the skill.

3                          3.) Keep your sense of humor while learning new technology.

4                4.) Cutting out the picture of someone’s face from a magazine and taping it beside the camera on your computer will give your eyes a focus point for correct eye contact with your audience.

5                5.)  Speak to the picture as if it were your audience, because on some level it is.

Have you ever watched a Skype interview and it looked like the guest was looking down at the computer the whole time, or their eyes were wandering around the room as if the walls were speaking to them?

That is because they were looking at the host’s face in the bottom corner of the computer. It is natural for our eyes to search for a face to connect with while speaking.  You may have also noticed this on Skyped in interviews on the evening news.

Using lesson number five will help alleviate this. And choosing a smiling picture may encourage you to smile on camera as well.

For hosts considering making the switch to Google + , a professional looking  interview may require additional lighting and possibly a mounted camera.  Here are two tricks that will help with lighting and sound.
1                        1.)    Use your phone camera to check lighting.

2                         2.)    Use your i-phone ear bud as a microphone to decrease surrounding noise.

Statistics show that video is the blogging and article choice for the future.  

 Blogs and articles may have a short written introduction and conclusion, but the body of the information source will be video.  Many magazines have become multimedia to utilize this new trend.

However, it is important to remember that written information must consist of at least  300 words to attract the attention of search engine spiders.  The old rule of an acceptable blog size as 200 words is obsolete. Times are changing.

However, it is reassuring that some written work is required for those of us who are still writers at heart.  

Enjoy the show...
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