Saturday, February 14, 2015

5 Steps to Becoming Successful at Making a Change

 “Asking is a powerful gift you can give yourself and others.” 
~Kim Fuller, Life Coach.

            Have you ever wondered what would cause someone to become a Life Coach? And what exactly does it mean to be one?
We’ve all heard of football or basketball coaches, but a Life Coach? That sounds like a serious calling.  Accountability is important to success and Kim Fuller, Life Coach and CEO, Fuller Life Concepts, talks about the responsibilities she fulfills and shares her 5 Steps  to become successful at obtaining your goals and making the changes you need to live a Fuller Life.  

On my weekly radio show, The Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show –Your G-Spot:  Guidance, which airs LIVE on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm PT (6:00pm EST), I asked Kim Fuller how, why and when she became a Life Coach and how she continued to live life to its fullest after the untimely death of her beloved husband. She shared her personal and professional growth of being a solo mom, widow, and entrepreneur, and the life lessons she received along her journey to a Fuller woman.
Here are some of Kim Fuller’s incredible responses. The rest of her conversation can be heard by clicking the Radio show Link below.

            Kim Fuller: “I am a life coach and marriage and family therapist.  I started in non-profit mental health working with severely emotionally disturbed children and their families.  Mostly mothers brought in their children and I realized the mothers were not receiving the additional support for their personal lives.  I became a mother and had my own struggles with balancing life, after the death of my husband.  I officially started my business after his death and went through the ups and downs of being a solo mom and entrepreneur.  I decided to devote my coaching practice to helping Moms and Entrepreneurs, like me, reach their goals to experience business and personal life goals.

 Kathleen:  “What makes FLC (Fuller Life Concepts) so special to people seeking guidance or change? ”

Kim Fuller: “Fuller Life Concepts, Inc has a step by step Fuller Lifestyle system all clients go through.  This system is designed to bring awareness to the connection between what you think and feel and how to stay accountable to your goals.”

Kathleen: “As a coach, what do you think is a client’s biggest struggle?”

Kim: “I mirror my clients.  My biggest struggle is the same as theirs. It’s finding a livable balance between being Independent and asking for help.  Realizing that being Independent and self-sufficient is an important skill, but also being able to ask for help and accept it when it is offered is also important.  Finding that balance and realizing that asking is not admitting that you can’t, nor is it a reflection on your abilities or self-worth.

Kathleen- “Why do you think we feel the need to do it all? Especially women? “
Kim: “We get pressure from our families, religion, media, that we are expected to do it all.  We accept that pressure as fact.  We continue to move and try to do it all until we fall apart.  We now live in a time when we work full time and still tackle home life and taking care of others full time.  We try to live up to what is expected.  We want to feel competent and accomplished.  But at what cost?  I want to help my clients to not experience so much overwhelm.  I help them see how asking and accepting is a beautiful experience.  I had to learn the hard way after the death of my husband while my daughter was 10 months old.  I tried to do it all and failed.  As part of being an author in the #1 Amazon best seller: Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 essential secrets for Mompreneurs, I share my journey of learning to be Dependent and that it’s not a bad word.”

Kathleen – “I love that name.  Mompreneurs!” 

Here are Kim’s 5 Life Coaching steps to help you move through the change process and learn to stay accountable to your goals in both individual and group formats. Especially if you are a Mommy Diva on the Move.

 Step 1. Need for Me- self exploration. Find your passion, take care of your own needs, visions and desires. 

Step 2.  Be able to express yourself openly.  Become comfortable with identifying your feelings, inner thoughts and inner messages. We all have feelings and sometimes we keep them locked up inside.

Step 3 Feelings are energy.  Imagine you are a balloon. You can only take in so much air before you burst.  Find a place to put your feelings so you don’t keep them inside, which can lead to stress, headaches, and disease.

Step 4 Create quality connections and find the support you deserve. 

Step 5 Find balance through fun and relaxation.

            “If you are someone ready for change, take the first step with self-exploration and determine,” Kim says.  “We all have good intentions and start off the year with big goals – the gyms are filled with people who want to make life change.  But, we don’t have magic wands that will magically make things happen.  Kind of like when my mother buys a new vacuum she says it doesn’t work – that’s because the sales man didn’t come with the machine and it doesn’t work by itself.  If you are ready to commit yourself to your goals, I am willing to help and support. I’ll be your cheerleader and encourager, but you have to do the work.”
Kathleen- “This radio show is turned into a blog on my blog site, so if one of the readers or listeners of the show needs help with change, how can they contact you or listen to your radio show?”
Kim- “I can be contacted through my website or by phone 323 336-2294 I am in California Pacific time zone. My radio show is Change is Personal and airs on the Amazing Women of Power Radio network   Change is Personal airs at 9:30am PST on Mondays. I have guests who share their change process of going from tragedy to triumph and the steps they took to get there.” 


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