Friday, August 17, 2012

Life is a Game of Cards: What's in Your Hand?

 Alchemists, mystics and intuitive believed that the Tarot sprang from the anima mundi-soul of the world—the vast repository of knowledge also known as the Akashic records—the Universal Library filled with memories, wisdom and knowledge of the past, present and future. Ancient Tarot Cards, Conventional Playing Cards and Birth-dates are all intertwined.

This blog is a summery and extention of my Wednesday August . 15, 2012 radio show Beyond the 5 Senses   Call in # 347-884-9691 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 347-884-9691 The show airs on Wednesdays @ 1-3pm EST.

Each show begins with a protection blessing. If you are reading this blog you may do the same by cocooning yourself in protective mirrored light that only allows that which is of the highest and best to enter into any Tarot information. Everything else is reflected back from whence it came. We wish it so and therefore it is. 

During the show, I introduce callers to their personal Conventional Playing Card and Tarot Divination Card by using their birthdates. These are then used for readings and dream interpretations. 
After the show, I post the readings and additional pertinent information that correlates with the reading on my blog. Callers are identified by their name and area code.

Here are their stories, dreams, challenges and triumphs over adversity.

Chris called with a general question about job and finances.

She  knows her personal birthday card from a previous call; 4 of Spades= 4 of Swords.

Sword people deal with thought, challenge and observation. They are theoretical, clever and hard working. Chris’s personal card reflects a life that is full of ups and downs. She goes through periods of feeling banished or deserted that soon change for the better. Her life is a rollercoaster ride. The good nerws is, if she doesn’t like it right now, wait five minutes. It will change. Her life is always challenging but never boring.

Number  4 people are grounded, committed, and security conscious. However, too much change in Chris’s life will make her feel overwhelmed which is difficult for a sword.

The negative side to a sward person is that they may be too focused on the process which can make them lose sight of the need for higher meaning.

Q: Job and finanaces. The card Chris pulled is 11=Justice from Major Arcana

Justice is truth, fairness and balance. This card is a yes card that says something will soon be revealed concerning her general question. The problem that may occur is a lack of perspective concerning the question. The card may be saying yes, there will be a change in job and finances but the question is too general to give a specific answer.

Chris chose a second card for validation: 14 Temperence from Major Arcana

Temperence is a negotiation card that deals with partners, competition, quarrels and impatience.

The cards tell Chris that she will soon be facing some important decisions concerning job and finance  but she must make herself aware of all aspects of this opportunity and communication and patience is of paramount importance to avoid discontent.


Kimberly BOD: 3/2= 8 of Clubs=8 of Wands
Wand people like Kimberly are curious, communicative, believe in the power of intentions, and use words as weapons. They can also talk their way out of a difficult situation by stretching the truth to fit a situation.

8 people are goal-oriented and storng emotionally and physically. They are hard workers who handle their money well. They can also be controlling and stubborn. Kimberly tends to be very determined.

8 of Wands people like Kimberly spend much of their time either physically in the air due to travewl or are emotionally in the air due to their life choices. Kimberly is often on the move because she is the arrow card . The 8 of Wands card shows 8 wands heading up into the sky. It is one fo the few cards tht contain no people because the focus is on movement toward goals, which are already in motion. Kimberly spend much of her time deciding which move to make and then puts her life in motion to be successful. Because of all this movement, Kimberly relationships may suffer however, she will always make new friends.

 Although Kimberly spends much of her time “in flight,” when she lands on the ground, she feels like her life has gone into into hibernation, like a Winter before her Wands begin to bud again. Although Kimberly sees this as a negative, it is actually a positive time for her to adjust to where she is in life and prepare for her next spring into the future.

Kimberly ‘s question is a clarification on “clear Path.” Although I may not completely understand the question or request, her Spirit-Guides do and help her choose the Major Arcane card 16 The Tower

The Tower is “The Sh#! Has Hit the Fan” card.  It is a card of dire consequences because you have procrastinated or been in denial. Your Tower in which you have been locked away is on fire and you are jumping out of the windows to survive. It is time to take control of your life and put it in order. The positive side to this card is that change is within you power by taking responsibility for what is going on around you.

Kimberly says she must sell her house and move ASAP, and that the card validated her question.

The cards are telling you that you must and can do that. The cards may also be telling you that you have been too dreamy up in your tower, to the point of expecting too much from others and from life. It’s time for a change or you will have a big one anyway.


Carlos 714 DOB= 12/28 =3of Hearts=3 of Cups

3 People are creative, sociable and fun-loving. They also tend to be alittle restless. Three is te number of the trinity, Father, son and Holy spirit and is a very strong number that makes almost anything possible.

Cups People are emotional, affectionate, sensual and very caring. Their cards revolve around love emotion and empathy. They feel for others.

Carlos is the 3 of Cups= a Good Fortune Card. His life revolves around problem solving that is a direct result of his big heart and empathy. He takes on the problems of others because he cares so much. He is often ruled by his emotions and falls in love often. He remembers everyone who loved him and everyone who hurt him. In some instances, he can hold a grudge.

3 of Cups People have much victory and success in their lives. They love to celebrate every no matter how large or small the success. They are party people who often celebrate with a broken heart.

Q= Carlos question evolves around feeling of being authentic. (His spirit-Guides understand.)
He has been alone lately, working on self, and wants to know when that is going to end.

A= 8 of Penticles= like the 3, 8 is the card of craftsmanship. It is a money or finance card that signifies learning a new skill or embarking on a career. You are moving from learning to doing. It is a card of change. Your sureness of purpose guarentees success.

 Carlos it is time to stop working on self and finialize how you want to use your personal lessons and resources to fulfill your needs. Your lonliness is going to end when you begin.


Chat Wildflower= 1/31= 10of Hearts= 10 of Cups

Cups People are emotional, affectionate, sensual and very caring. Their cards revolve around love emotion and empathy. They feel for others.

10 People are ambitious with strong convictions. The can also be controlling nd impatient. The number is 10 is really 1 magnified by zero. 10s and 1s share much in common. They are both dynamic and independent. Everything that a 1 would feel, 10 feels stronger.

Wildflower’s husband of many years has just died and she is heartbroken. Life seems so hard.

Q- Wildflower wants a card to tell her where her life is going.
A =She chooses 20 Judgement from the Major Arcana.

The number 20 is 2 which is the card of love. Two people, balance, a pair made stronger by zero which is the circle of life, which magnifies everything.

Judgement is the card for renewal, rebirth of plans, forgiveness of past wrongs and improvement in all things. This card signifies that someone either is in the process of becoming more aware of what needs to be done in their life right now, or needs to develop this awareness. This card represents someone seekijg truth about a particular situation.

Wildflower, you’ve chosen a card that is saying you still have work to do on the earth plane. It is not yet your time to join your husband who is still with you in spirit and often comes into your dreams to comfort you during your darkest hours. It is time for you to embark on what you need to do alone. Figure out what it is, do it and you will find new joy in life.      


Trudy already knew her personal card and wanted a card to validate her feeling of wanting to do something new and different.

A= 7 of Swords= You still haven’t finished what you have started. Be courageous but don’t be impulsive.

Hmmm Trudy. You may not want to make any big moves right now.

Chat Viki asked to connect with spirit concerning her boyfriend and a death. ) The Spirit- Guides understand) The names Frank, David and Julia come through from spirit.

Frank is her boyfriend’s name, David and Julia are parents. Viki says she has her validation.


Chris called and asked me to contact her Grandmother who has not been speaking to her from “the other side.” The only names I get are Linda and Lydia. She is unfamiliar with the names.

Maybe Grandma still doesn’t want to talk but Linda and Lydia would love to chat. LOL!!