Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life is a Game of Cards: What’s In Your Hand ?

 Part I: Radio Show Beyond the 5 Senses (Aug. 29/2012)


This blog is a summery and extension of my radio show Beyond the 5 Senses


Tarot cards are associated with mysticism and magic but the original purpose of tarot cards was for playing games. The earliest known use of tarot cards for divination was in Bologna, Italy.


Each radio show begins with a protection blessing. If you are reading this blog you may do the same by cocooning yourself in protective mirrored light that only allows that which is of the highest and best to enter into any Tarot information. Everything else is reflected back from whence it came. We wish it so and therefore it is.


During the show, I introduce callers to their personal Conventional Playing Card and Tarot Divination Card by using their birthdates. These are then used for readings and dream interpretations.


After the show, I post the readings and additional pertinent information that correlates with the reading on my blog. Callers are identified by their name and area code.

Here are their stories, dreams, challenges and triumphs over adversity—and the tarot cards that answered and validated their questions and concerns.


Today’s show’s synchronicity was the number 22. Many callers had a birthdate with the number 22 which is the second of the master numbers, the first being 11. The number 22 symbolizes mastery on the mental plane. The basic general personality traits of someone with 22 in their birthdate is the ability to share power on all planes. They tend to have highly developed intuition and a strong understanding of human nature. Unfortunately, they often allow themselves to be misguided in relationships because they don’t rust in their beliefs of that understanding. They can be highly diplomatic.


Eric 585also known as The Challenge Guy called in with concerns about life after death.

Q: Can spirits really contact us and how do we know they are telling the truth?

A: Eric did not want to have a card read. He just wanted me to share my proof in the spirit world of Spirit Guides and dreams. So I shared my person story of having prophetic guided dreams that told me I had breast cancer after my doctors missed it three times. These dreams saved my life. I have the medical reports to prove the story and validate the findings.


My unique story is also my book SURVIVING TRAUMALAND: The Intuitive Aspects of Healing  It is about female intuition and life-saving prophetic dreams vs scientific medical tests and hospital policies. I am using my story to save lives, one person at a time and heal doctors whose practices are unhealthy due to unsound hospital policies. I learned to win at the hospital policy game that does not favor patients. I have now been cancer free for 13 and 7 years, respectively.


I’ve been on many radio shows that can be viewed on my website @  such as The Dr. Pat Show & The Dr. Bernie Siegel Show.


       I survived aggressive breast cancer—three times—that was missed by physicians at a Cancer Institute in Boston Massachusetts and the scientific tests on which they relied. However, my dreams, inner guidance/angels and female intuition empowered me with signs, symbols and information to get tests that validated my dreams and found the cancer after three mammograms, blood tests and physicals missed it. I took chemo and radiation therapy after convincing my doctor to do exploratory surgery which found the cancer. 

While most women would be glad to hear that they were healthy and to go home, I knew my doctors words were wrong and advocated for the tests I knew I needed to discover my cancer in order to live. I used my intuition to self-advocate a course of treatment, often against the vehement advice of my doctors, in my healing process. My story is a blind study between doctors and intuition.


   The chances of my dreams finding cancer missed by “state of the art medical tests” three times is as lucky as winning the lottery three times in a row. Luck had little to do with it. Divine intervention did. When we are in crisis, we are never alone! We have spirit guides and guardian angels. Their job is to help us fulfill our destiny which I refer to as "Our Celestial Game-Plan."


    I survived by self-advocating and used something many in the medical field do not even acknowledge as being real, my innate intuition- Female Instinct! When our instincts conflict with conventional science/testing in the fight against cancer/illness, what can you do to get the treatment you know you need to survive? Meditate, pray and listen for the answers in your dreams.  Believe but validate. Then go out and self-advocate.

We all have spirit guides and guardian angels. We are their job and they take their jobs seriously.


A Caller from Southern California wanted t know her personal Birthdate Tarot Card. DOB= March 22 = Queen of Spades= Queen of Wands

Wands are also known as Rods and Staves. It is the tarot Suite that symbolizes creativity, action and passion. Wands cards are energy and growth through rebirth or new beginnings.


I there is one word to describe the Queen of Wands it is LOVE—especially love at home.


 Southern California is a popular person who is filled with kindness. The Queen of Wands sits upon her thrown with her lack cat at her feet. In some cultures black cats are considered good luck, and in others they are considered bad luck. It is believed that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors. The Queen of Wands is a woman of regal bearing that many find attractive.


Southern California is honorable, intelligent and friendly. She finds that her friends often ask her advice because it is well worth taking. She is also a loyal confidante who can use her intellect to provide valuable assistance.


As the Queen of Wands you have the qualities within yourself that you need to succeed.

Southern California’s question is general: “My immediate life.”


She chooses the 8 of Blades- the bondage through betrayal card. This card shows a woman standing bound and blindfolded encircled by eight swords stuck in the sand around her that acts as a barrier to any movement. This person is in a situation that causes her great unhappiness but with the master number of 22 in her cards, she is not without the resources to change matters.


She asks for a validation card to focus on the business aspects of the previous immediate life card. She chooses number 21 of the Major Arcana- The World.

The World is the Reward Card. It shows completion and recognition of rewards. Her dreams are about to come true. It is the last card of the Major Arcana and represents balance and support by unseen forces that will interact with her, perhaps her spiritual guides in dreams.  These creative energies will manifest in many ways. Southern California is about to embark on a spiritual journey.


Watch for blog part 2 of this this radio show’s readings- Beyond the 5 Senses.