Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sister Talk To Me: Forgiveness is Freedom

Forgiveness Affirmation~ I will hold no grudges.

Anger is the shackle that binds us to our painful memories. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks those chains and sets us free.  It is an important part of healing our body, mind, and spirit.

 My unique story is about female intuition and life-saving prophetic dreams delivered by spirit-guides/angels…and forgiveness. These guided dreams were at odds with scientific medical tests, physicians who believed in them and hospital policies that did not have patient’s interests at heart.  I am using my story to save lives, one person at a time and heal doctors whose practices are unhealthy due to unsound hospital policies. I learned to win at the hospital policy game that does not favor patients. I have now been cancer free for 13 and 7 years, respectively. Forgiveness was a key to my survival.

I survived aggressive breast cancer—three times—that was missed by physicians at a leading Cancer Institute, in Boston Massachusetts and the scientific tests on which they relied. That is as lucky as winning the lottery three times in a row. Luck had little to do with it. Devine intervention did. My first cancer was stage-two, the second was stage-four and the third was stage zero.


Believe! Dreams Do Come True.

My dreams, inner guidance/angels and female intuition empowered me with signs, symbols and information that I used to convince my doctor to do exploratory surgery on my breast which ultimately found the cancer.  Pathology validated my cancer dreams which proved that dreams do come true and that there is life after death in the form of guides and angels who can contact us through dreams, mediations and prayer. Dreams can be the answers to our prayers.  

 While most women would be overjoyed to hear that they are healthy and to go home, I knew my doctors words were wrong and advocated for the tests my dreams told me I needed in order to live. I used my intuition to self-advocate a course of treatment, often against the vehement advice of my doctors.  My story is a blind study between doctors and Devine intervention. Devine intervention won.

When we are in our darkest hour God illuminates the right path. When we are down to nothing, God is up to something. When we feel we have been deserted by our fellow man, God is there to lead the way. Believe in Him. Forgive mankind. And move forward in life.


When We Are In Crisis, We Are Never Alone!

We have spirit guides, guardian angels and love ones in Heaven who are given permission to return to guide and comfort us during our time of strife. Their job is to help us fulfill our life’s destiny which I refer to as "Our Celestial Game-Plan." This plan was decided upon with our guardian angels before we were born. We all have guardian angels. We are their job and they take their jobs seriously. When we are in crisis, they are with us every step of the way.


We Must Self-Advocate.

             I survived cancer by self-advocating and used something many in the medical field do not even acknowledge as being real, My innate intuition- Female Instinct, Psychi-within!

When your instincts conflict with conventional science/testing in the fight against crisis/illness, what can you do to get the treatment you know you need to survive?

  • Become the squeaky wheel until you are heard.
  • Don’t take “no” for an answer.
  • Don’t be dismissed until you are satisfied that your medical needs are being met.
  • Ask for a second opinion.


             We are responsible for ourselves. Life is not a spectator sport. Standing on the sidelines with fingers crossed behind your back waiting for someone else to make decisions for you is half a game plan that is missing a vital component-YOU!

After fighting for three months to get the tests I knew I needed to live, I was angry with the medical community, especially when my pathology report confirmed cancer. I felt that if I had been taken seriously sooner my aggressive cancer would not have been as advanced, my treatments may not have been as severe and my chances for survival would have been greater. But there are no accidents in life. Everything happens for a reason. I believe my reason was to prove to the world during a time of great change that there is life after death and a Greater Power that hears our cry for help, and answers it through dreams, meditations and prayers. This knowledge helped me move beyond anger to a place of understanding and healing.

 I had a choice. I could have remained an angry victim of circumstances or forgive and move into a state of healing, secure in my belief that everything has a purpose.  I chose to forgive and heal.


Forgiveness Frees Our Body, Mind and Spirit.

Anger is an emotion that is stored in the mind but felt by the heart. Its darkness stifles our spiritual light. When our spirit suffers beneath its weight, our body cries out in pain.

You are controlled by anyone you refuse to forgive. Holding grudges allows someone to live rent free in your mind and trash your inner home. Forgiveness evicts them with love. Mahatma Gandhi explained this beautifully with the words~ “I will not allow anyone to walk through my mind with their dirty feet."



Forgiving is as easy as saying to the Universe, “I forgive this person, so the forgiveness is complete.” Sometimes forgiveness involves forgiving ourselves first.

  • Forgiveness Affirmation ♥~I now liberate my past from my mind, body and affairs and forgive myself for my participation. I AM FREE!



If you feel the need to perform a forgiveness ritual to bring the abstract idea of forgiveness into the concrete earth plane so it can manifest and be complete, try using the ritual of fire and smoke. Write a letter naming who wronged you, then set it ablaze so the smoke can carry your words and emotions to the Higher Power. This is an excellent way to seal the deal of forgiveness. Fire is purifying. Smoke is a messenger.

            No matter how or who you choose to forgive, your inner selves and God knows what you are asking and what you mean. All will be forgiven.  


Forgive the Person But Don’t Forget The Lesson.

The difficult lessons learned throughout life are necessary to overcome future challenges. They teach us how to listen to ourselves, and how to read signs, symbols and symptoms necessary for a healthy life and successful relationships.  Each life obstacle we overcome becomes a part of our inner being. These priceless lessons are the silver linings of those dark storm clouds. He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it. For many of us, once is enough. Remember the lesson. Forget the pain. Let go of the anger. Forgive the person. And set yourself free.

Bio: Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos is a three-time cancer survivor; author- Surviving Traumaland; contributing author- The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire, former psychology professor at University of South Florida, Phone Counselor for R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation; Cape Women Online Magazine Q & A columnist; PATHEOS Blogger, inspirational speaker and Blog Talk Radio Co-host of Beyond the 5 Senses on the Mind- Body- Spirit Network.  Follow her @!/pages/SURVIVING-CANCERLAND-The-Psychic-Aspects-of-Healing/142803307934  &