Saturday, January 19, 2013

Epic Dreams: And The show Goes on Within The Movie

This is a dream I dreamt more than twenty years ago on June, 17, 1989. It was a prophetic guided dream that showed and validated the connection between our Spirit Guides and life and death on earth. These are the same Spirit Guides who speak to me during the Tarot Card reading on my current BTR radio show Your Life Revealed: Tarot & Runes Wednesdays from 4-6pm PT where I give live readings.

           During my Prophetic Guided dream my Epic dream stopped as time stood still. A pop-up occurred in the Epic dream and my spirit Guides stepped though the pop-up and into my dream. It is much like a pop-up on computer and just as difficult to get rid of. A Spirit Guide dressed in a hooded brown robe tied at the waist with a rope belt and wearing leather sandals stepped thought the window that become a door “to the other side” and took me into the room between the realms where other Spirit Guides waited to share information on the impending death of a close friend. I had been chosen to prepare the family for this difficult life change. Although the doctors had said he would recover from surgery and survive his cancer for at least five years, the guides showed me differently with The Time Table…

            In the dream I am seated at a round table with wine or water goblets displayed around the table. Each goblet rests where the twelve numbers would be on the face of a clock. I can see nothing else in the room except the Time Table. The Spirit Guides are nowhere in sight. Each goblet has crystal clear water filling the bottom of the glass to about 1/6 full. I am sitting in front of the goblet resting at the 6:00 position on the Table of Time. A hand from behind me, reaches over my right shoulder and picks up the goblet at the 1:00 position and empties it into the 2:00 goblet. The hand then picks up and empties it into the 3:00 goblet. This exercise is repeated until the hand empties the 5:00 goblet into the 6:00 position which is then filled to almost overflowing. The dream ends.

Six months later the man died.

INTREPERTATION: This dream is an informational prophetic dream (dreams that come true) that is a play on words- “Time Table”- and uses goblets- a symbol of communication with our Higher Power or the Holy Grail seen as the receptacle for the Devine within- with the Waters of Life- spirituality because all life begins in water and is also seen as rebirth of the spirit- to show life emptying into the 6th goblet- the end of the future. Each goblet was a month in his life.

The number 6 validated the dream when the man died 6 months later.

The number 6 is the number of accomplishment and completion. Six adds the principle of soul to the human five.

The right side of the Time Table of Communication and reaching over my right shoulder is about the future. Left is the past. This message was about communicating the future.

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